Common problem

Common problem:

How to buy products from your website?
You can send inquiries to our WhatsApp to contact us (number: +86 19176653162) or to our email (mail:, we will reply as soon as possible, you can also leave your email , we will be in touch with you within a few hours.

Do you have a shopify store?
Yes, you can click the button to enter our shopify store, and the system will redirect you to our store. The store name is “ShiningSign”. Please confirm the store name to avoid problems when redirecting.

Do you have complete drawings (about logo color, size, installation)? Please provide us with your logo or drawing;
If you don’t have the style we recommend you like and all other information, we will quote you within hours, and we will arrange design and production within 2 days after confirming all information.

How about your product price?
The price of our living creative products is fixed, but the signs are customized with different materials and techniques, so the price is also different. No matter how our prices are reasonable in the market, we promise you will get the best quality products. Feel free to contact us and make an inquiry, you will know the price and be satisfied with the price.

How long is the delivery time?
It depends on your quantity and size, usually 5-10 working days. (eg 10 letters with a height of 40 cm). It only takes 3-5 days.