• Lessons from Thailand’s robbery case: Signs are crucial to social stability


    Various signs in shopping malls play an irreplaceable role in this situation. Life is priceless, be sure to protect yourself.

  • The world’s number one attraction is the Grand Canyon of the United States


    The Grand Canyon is a place of great ecological diversity, home to a variety of wildlife. Within the canyon, due to differences in altitude, there are a variety of ecosystems including desert, taiga, grassland and riverine ecosystems.

  • Real Estate Signage Development: Future Opportunities and Challenges


    Company Profile Abstract: The real estate sign is different from other guide signs in that it not only has a guiding role, but also has a marketing role. It needs to be applicable and in line with modernism. A good real estate ...

  • How to make good signage


    The logo system can achieve a recognition effect that is better than sound in conveying information. Its aesthetics make its final visual effect harmoniously adaptable to the humanistic environment in which it is located.

  • Ruiya Technology welcomes a new journey of opening to the outside world


    In recent years, we have successfully created 5,000+ successful cases for 300+ brand customers such as Vanke, Poly, Longfor, and China Shipping, creating business value quickly and efficiently.

  • Let you understand the cultures of various countries in one minute


    A signboard is a product that integrates planning, architecture, space, sculpture, logic, color, aesthetics, and materials. It is neither a simple text nor a so-called brand.

  • Signage gives you sunshine and illuminates everything from dawn to dusk


    Ruiya has various types of logos and signs, supports customization, and can make exclusive and personalized logos and signs.