Some views on the construction of campus culture丨Hunan Ruiya

Campus culture is a kind of material environmental culture, and material environmental culture is the basis for the existence of campus culture. Culture needs to be attached to external means to materialize its inner spirit and thoughts.



Innovation-oriented smart shopping mall signage: key features to enhance shopping experience

The design and production of intelligent guide signs for smart shopping malls have several unique features, aiming to provide a better shopping experience, increase the attractiveness of the mall, and provide customers with convenient and fast nav...



Leading a scenic journey: exploring the design and function of scenic area signage

Scenic area signage is not only a tool for tour guides, but also a medium for cultural communication. Its design and function are crucial to improving tourists’ travel experience.



Let you understand the cultures of various countries in one minute

A signboard is a product that integrates planning, architecture, space, sculpture, logic, color, aesthetics, and materials. It is neither a simple text nor a so-called brand.