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Campus culture construction

School is a place to educate and cultivate people. The important influence and role of school cultural construction on quality education has been increasingly valued and recognized by educational administrative departments and educators. Campus culture has a subtle influence on students’ education and moisturizes things silently. Doing a good job in building campus culture and giving full play to its unique educational role has practical significance for promoting the improvement of school education and teaching quality and for the comprehensive implementation of quality education.

Material Culture

Campus culture is a kind of material environmental culture, and material environmental culture is the basis for the existence of campus culture. Culture needs to be attached to external means to materialize its inner spirit and thoughts.

The most common one is to start from the aspects of school spirit, school motto, knowledge and culture, ideological and moral character, etc., and use cultural walls, logos and signboards to convey the spirit and ideas.

School spirit and motto culture wall

Teacher photo wall

Cultural knowledge wall

campus sculpture

In addition, when building campus environmental culture, all aspects should be taken into consideration and coordinated development should be carried out. The school buildings and grounds are intact, tidy, and reasonably laid out; various equipment and facilities are in order; various visible and tangible physical forms are optimized according to the environment in which they are located, and the environment is endowed with cultural color and educational functions. For example, appropriately embellish the portraits or aphorisms of some famous people, let every wall and every building speak, and let every lawn and every tree educate people.