LED Luminous Characters Scramble To Seize The Market

Abstract: The application of LED luminous characters is rapidly emerging, and it has obvious advantages in many fields. First of all, LED technology can save a lot of electricity for the country and users because LEDs are more energy efficient. In addition, due to the long life of LEDs, it reduces the man-hours and costs of maintenance and replacement. This makes LED the first choice for industries such as the advertising industry, injecting new vitality into a highly competitive market.

LED can save a lot of electricity for the country and users, and save a lot of man-hours for contractors. The development of LED application technology has added new vitality to the fiercely competitive advertising industry. Its unique and different lighting patterns are widely used in the production of advertising products. LEDs of different specifications have different light-emitting angles and different brightness. So, how to choose appropriate LEDs for different products so that they can maximize their effectiveness while minimizing costs? The application of LED in luminous characters and precautions for use. Three-dimensional luminous characters have the following main requirements for light sources:

1、The complexity of LED light-emitting fonts and the different specifications of different projects require that the light source be versatile and not limited by glyphs;

2、Since the maintenance of the installed LED luminous characters is extremely inconvenient, in order to reduce maintenance costs, the light source is required to have a long life.

3、The LED luminous characters must have sufficient brightness to produce LED luminous modules that have the above functions. There are several types of LED light sources suitable for three-dimensional luminous characters, which are formulated according to the specific requirements of customers.

4、It is worth noting that when using LED light-emitting modules for LED luminous characters, you must pay attention to the voltage problem. Never make just one circuit and connect it in series from the beginning to the end. Doing so will not only cause inconsistent brightness due to different voltages between the beginning and the end, but will also cause the problem of excessive current in a single circuit burning the circuit board. The correct approach is to connect as many circuits in parallel as possible to ensure reasonable distribution of voltage and current. In addition, , if anti-corrosion materials need to be used inside the word cavity, it is best to use white primer to increase its reflective coefficient. As a semiconductor light source, white light LED consumes only about 20% of the power compared to traditional lighting sources. The service life is as long as 100,000 hours, which is dozens of times that of ordinary lamps. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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