Real Estate Signage Development: Future Opportunities and Challenges

Abstract: The real estate sign is different from other guide signs in that it not only has a guiding role, but also has a marketing role. It needs to be applicable and in line with modernism. A good real estate directional sign system can promote order transactions, such as wall advertising signs, which are typical marketing signs.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, China’s real estate industry has been developing by leaps and bounds, and countless properties have been built. Then the demand for real estate signs is also great, and its development is full of opportunities and challenges. So how much do you know about real estate signs? The editor will take you to find out below!

(1) Instructions: There are many tall buildings in the community. If there are no road signs for the first time, you may get lost, and the experience of visiting customers will be extremely poor.

(2) Service: There will be many service points in the community, such as property management centers, parking lots, community parks, community service points, etc. These places need to have service signs to guide them.

(3) Explanation categories: Overview of the community, building numbers, floor numbers, residential descriptions of the community, description of the community parking lot, and community clubs. The use and visit of these areas require explanatory signs to explain.

(4) Safety: As a community gathers people, fire safety issues must be taken seriously, and safety signs must be set up in accordance with national regulations.

(5) Advertising: The spiritual fortress of real estate, wall advertising signs, model house signs, sales department signs, real estate center image walls, etc. These are all advertising real estate signs set up to promote marketing.

For a good real estate project, first of all, the content of the real estate logo must be comprehensive, and secondly, the design of the real estate logo must be reasonable and eye-catching, so as to improve the user experience.