Signage gives you sunshine and illuminates everything from dawn to dusk

Hello everyone! my name is Ruiya, let’s chat in my spare time. The word advertising comes from Latin and is said to be a method used by ancient Roman merchants when they were competing for business. With the development of the commodity economy, there are more and more styles of publicity and marketing. Today, in the pursuit of personalization, people are pursuing more unique personalized customization. With the continuous innovation of people’s thinking, the choice of personalized corporate logo and signage design It is also in line with the development of the times.

In bustling downtowns, noisy night markets or remote alleys, such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, roads, scenic spots, stations, airports, etc., we have a lot of guidance, all of which are flashing eye-catching billboards. So what are the functions of these dazzling logos? Let me give you a brief introduction below:

1. Guide consumption. As mentioned earlier, the earliest signs functioned to guide consumption. Since the beginning of civilization, people have known how to make their things loved by others, and this is still the case today. Large and small signs with light can even make customers stop for you. You can even find a suitable location thousands of meters away.

2. Strengthen the impression. Not everything can be remembered after seeing it once or twice, but repeated impressions can make people remember it deeply. For example, some brand companies use the method of making free signage to promote their brand on shop signs in various streets and alleys, even if it only takes up a small part of the area.

3. Warning reminder. The directions of commercial places, roads and buildings will not make you lose your way, making every step we take so clear and comfortable.

Okay, that’s it for today, I look forward to meeting you!