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Ruiya Technology is a comprehensive logo global service provider integrating planning and positioning, planning and design, production and production, transportation and after-sales maintenance.

For more than ten years, he has been committed to creating and improving the commercial value of project engineering. Through brand building of project engineering, it can enhance customers' awareness of the project and quickly create value for customers.Ruiya Technology has always been adhering to the core concept of customer demand-oriented, user experience as the design scale, visual communication effect as the implementation goal, and artistic aesthetics and perfect function display as the basic criteria. It integrates planning and positioning, planning and design, production and production , transportation and after-sales maintenance in one of the comprehensive identification enterprises. Professional depth determines the future height, Ruiya Technology continues to innovate to create commercially valuable logo products and life creative products.

Ruiya Technology starts from quality, tailors for each customer, provides professional and innovative logo design in an all-round and multi-dimensional way; strives for excellence in production, treats every process and every service rigorously and meticulously, and creates a harmonious environment between logos and the environment Excellent visual effects; to be a global logo service provider who understands design better, is more professional, valuable and innovative.


Company Culture

Use innovative design to deliver beauty and let smart logos change life

Corporate vision

Deeply cultivating value and serving the world

Enterprise mission

Deliver beauty with innovative design Let smart logo change life

Corporate values

Be determined to act, stop at perfection, seek truth from facts, and strive for excellence

Corporate culture

High sense of responsibility and mission Advocate higher industry standards Professional wins, rigorous and meticulous

Enterprise positioning

Excellent brand service, professional innovative design, inheritance of craftsmanship

Enterprise purpose

Integrity management, quality first, service first, pioneering and innovative

Professional brand identity overall solution provider

Enhance customers' awareness of projects and quickly create value for customers

Planning and Design

A creative design team dominated by industry elites, a pragmatic team with faster feedback, stronger professionalism, and more accurate vision. According to the needs of different projects, grasp the safety, functionality, and styling of the sign before and after landing, and provide a strong sign design solution.

Product production:

Standardized large-scale signage production base, more than 200 sets of supporting equipment with leading technology in the industry, and quality sampling inspections in each production process to ensure that the products are carefully crafted and durable. And cooperate with well-known logistics companies at home and abroad to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of products.

After-sales service

After the project is completed, the landing inspection of the sign system and customer satisfaction survey will be conducted to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the sign planning and design, which will facilitate the construction and improvement of the sign system in the later stage. And there is a professional after-sales team to provide 7*12 after-sales service.

Pursue the ultimate user exper

We believe that the pursuit of perfection is the respect for customers

Pay attention to design

We believe that design is also a kind of productivity, and it is our pursuit to give customers visual and experience pleasure

focus on details

We will consider the scene with the most comprehensive functions of each logo, and also pay equal attention to various small details before and after the logo lands

stay in awe

The reverence for the finished logo is indispensable, and the pursuit of excellence is only to give customers an excellent experience.

Business Partner

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